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Targeted Marketing, Purchase Funnel

Bluedio launched a 14 day campaign to filter audience and create targeted marketing then increase purchases using funnels.


Targeted Marketing

Approach: We built audience segments for specific audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Outcome: Reduced cost per acquisition (CPA) by 43%.


Increase Purchases Using Funnels

Approach: We used funnels to identify customers who added to cart within the last 14 days but did not checkout.

Outcome: We retargeted users who did not convert in the last 14 days, improving conversion to purchase by 12%.

eCommerce Optimization, Lookalike Audience.

Stanley Black and Decker wanted to improve visitor conversion and find more people like their current customers.


eCommerce Optimization

Approach: We optimized the front store layout, product description and catalog to ensure that products are added in the correct categories.

Outcome: Improved user experience, allowing visitors to easily navigate the store and convert into customers.


Lookalike Audience

Approach: We used percentiles to see how many purchases their top 10 percent customers account for.

Outcome: Improve targeting quality and increase average revenue per user with lookalike audience.

Omni-channel Behaviour, Email Segmentation

Nature’s Way want to improve email open and clickthrough rates and understand the influence of mobile and web on making purchase decision.


Omni-channel Behaviour

Approach: We analyzed the data to compare the behaviour of people on mobile and web.

Outcome: Improved targeting by focusing on channels that are likely to earn repeat orders.


Email Segmentation

Approach: We segmented emails by past purchases to optimize targeting.

Outcome: Sent out email recommendations for products that will compliment their previous purchase, increasing sales.

Premiums, Personalization Strategy, Customer Retention

Rosken want a personalization strategy for their premium customer retention.


Personalization Strategy

Approach: We used percentiles to understand the top 5% of the premium users who bring more revenue.

Outcome: Used email marketing for personalized promotions to drive sales.


Customer Retention Initiative

Approach: Reward customers for following the store.

Outcome: Used follower voucher to gain followers and keep them engaged through App feed.

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