Consumer & Shopper Insights

It is no secret that brands have the capabilities to collect and store large quantities of data but processing and analyzing that information to use it to their advantage is still a challenge. Our data strategy focuses on choosing the right data for your business, building models that predict and optimize business outcomes. We’ll help you to better understand shoppers, their habits, and their needs then translate consumer insights and big data into successful actions.

Data Modelling & Collection

We bring together your customer data then combine the data together into a unified customer profiles to help you make smarter decisions for your marketing and campaigns. Our data sources include:

Profile Data: Customer details, who they are, what they want, their personality, preferences and details about their lifestyle.
Product Data: Stock levels, pricing, assortments and product life-cycles.
Behavioral Data: Products and categories browsed, clicks, number of pages visited, interaction data and more.
Transactional Data: Data on purchases, customer and product value, abandoned baskets, returns and more.

Data and Insights (2)

Data & Insights Program

Data Analysis
A/B Testing Analytics
eCommerce Analytics
Customer Analytics
Multi-Channel Analytics
Social Analytics
Competitive Analysis
Predictive Analytics
Email Analytics

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