Strategy, Campaigns, Operations

Most shoppers start their product search directly on Lazada and Shopee over Google search. It is important that your product listing and store are optimized to rank higher on Lazada and Shopee search. Our comprehensive eCommerce brand activation program is designed to increase your product’s visibility, drive quality traffic, increase sales and maintain brand positivity.

Account Management

Strategy, Increase ROI, Sell More, Scale up

Lazada and Shopee dominate the eCommerce market in South East Asia. The question is, how do I get started? If you already started, how do I differentiate my brand from other brands? Our experienced eCommerce enabler team will help you with digital strategy and execution to activate your brand and get the most out of your budget.

Product Listing

Keyword Research, Value Proposition, Rank Higher

Product listing can be overwhelming for sellers as it is an ongoing process. Product description and category arrangement are very important steps when listing your products. Your listing should be able to communicate the value of your products, visually attractive and optimized for search. We’ll help you with product description, keyword research, creative content, product uploads and inventory management.

Pricing Strategy

The Ultimate Pricing Model

Setting up prices for your products can be really challenging. If you set your prices too high, you miss out on a sale and set them low, that’s lost revenue. Our pricing model will help you establish the best prices for your products to maximize profit and revenue. We analyze many factors of your business like revenue goals, marketing objectives, target audience, product attributes, economic trends, competitors and customer demand to find that nail on the head price to drive sales and increases your profit margins.

Catalog Optimization

Catalog Optimized for Higher Conversion

One of the most under used tool is variations or grouping on product catalog. We’ll evaluate the categories you are in, help you to design catalog variations, perform A/B testing of those variations to see which variation structure perform well. Bundles is another underutilized catalog tool. We analyze your products and pricing then generate bundles to offer customers better product selection and increase sales.


Ad Campaigns, On-Platform Advertising, Creative Designs

Our Digital Marketing team can help you with on-platform off platform marketing and campaign management. We build your customer data platform and generate customer profiles to better understand shoppers. This will include four main factors that drive sales:
Profile Data: Customer details, who they are, what they want, their personality, preferences and details about their lifestyle.
Product Data: Stock levels, pricing, assortments and product life-cycles.
Behavioral Data: Products and categories browsed, clicks, number of pages visited, interaction data and more.
Transactional Data: Data on purchases, customer and product value, abandoned baskets, returns and more.

Lazada & Shopee

Program Include

Account Management

eCommerce Strategy

Brand Registration

Account Setup

Marketing Services

Search Optimization
Facebook and Instagram Advertising
Pay-per-click (PPC)
Conversion Tracking
Campaign Management
Analytics and Insights

Creative and Content

Storefront Design & Optimization
Content with stunning visuals
Product Description
Product Photography
App Feed and Live

Operations Management

In-house Customer Service
Manage Ratings and Reviews
Automation and Software
Map Process Workflows

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