Search Marketing  Strategy

Understand your Audience, Stay Above the Competition

Customers are conducting more searches about price comparisons, product and service reviews before making a purchase. Our strategy focuses more on the behavior of the customers to segment audience based on intent. We believe that Search Engine Marketing cannot succeed without using organic SEO, we’ll help you to optimize your content for a greater chance in appearing higher in search then use paid search to promote your content to your targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization

On-Site Optimization, Off-Site Optimization

Are you on the first page of the search results when people search for products and services? If you are not there, you are missing out on hot leads. We’ll help you to implement a SEO program that will move you up on the search engine. Our approach focuses on three key areas:

Target Audience: Understand who your audience is, what it will take to provide great user-experience.
Quality Traffic: The right keywords to drive quality traffic to your website.
Transparent Reporting: Google Analytics report detailing your website SEO performance, traffic and leads source.

Paid Search

Generate High-quality Traffic, Stay Competitive

Pay-per-click is form of search engine marketing where you pay the publisher such as Google every time your ad is clicked. When do you use Paid Search, or Pay-per-click? Do you need it if you are already doing Search Engine Optimization? The answer is yes and no. We analyze and understand your business goals to help you decide whether you need both SEO and Pay-per-click (PPC). We look at how you rank on search engines organically. If you are not reaching your business goals with SEO, then PPC can help you stay competitive and get right to your target audience.

Our SEM Program Include


Website Audits

Audience Analysis

Content Analysis

Keyword Research

Link Building

Technical SEO

Paid Search

Google Search Ads
Google Shopping
Google Remarketing Ads
Gmail Sponsored Ads
Instream Ads

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