Brand Awareness, Social Campaigns, 1st Party Data

Social media is a very important component of any marketing strategy. The audience on social media want experiences, they want to interact with brands daily. Quality content and creativity is key to business growth through social media and paid social advertising. We’ll help you to position your brand with emphasis on providing brand experiences instead of just one-way marketing.

Social Media

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Affordable, Quality Traffic, Measure Conversion

Our social media advertising use the most cost effective and targeted form of advertising to drive high quality traffic to your website, Lazada and Shopee stores. The targeted audience may include your email contacts, website visitors, lookalike audiences, specific demographics or purchasing behavior of your customers. We’ll install conversion tracking to measure return on investment (ROI) and help you decrease your cost-per-acquisition.

Grow your Business, Customer Service, Data & Insights

There is so much that goes into Facebook marketing and you need an effective Facebook advertising strategy. Our hybrid Facebook strategy has been tested and will help you recharge your Facebook marketing and exceed your goals. We’ll create targeted audience for your brand, establish brand loyalty and lower your marketing expenses.

Brand Awareness, Engagement, Conversion

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has grown into the ultimate platform for brands to connect directly with their target audience. There are over 25 million business profiles worldwide and 80% of the users follow atleast one brand and they have purchased a product they have seen on Instagram. Content strategy is the key to Instagram success. We’ll help you to define Instagram marketing goals, optimize your profile for engagement followed with great content and campaign management.

LinkedIn Posts, Direct Prospect Outreach, Generate Leads

It’s important to take advantage of the most powerful platform for B2B networking, LinkedIn which has over 5 million professionals who represent the largest group of influential, affluent, educational people in Malaysia. Our B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy will help you to explore opportunities, expand your network, engage connections, establish relationships, position you as an expert and create a steady flow of inquiries leading to new clients and increased revenue.

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